Harvest International Hotel

Harvest International Hotel is an artistic boutique hotel designed and built by American academy style. It has a strong taste of European and American traditional culture and international cutting-edge fashion life from the inside out. In the process of design and construction, the hotel pursues a high quality trend consumption environment which is green, environmentally friendly, low carbon, and aims to create a healthy, safe and joyful environment for the literati, business elite and all sectors of society. Harvest International Hotel is the crystallization of cultural cooperation, market cooperation and management to provide English private butler service, carefully designed and built according to the international standards and is in the high-end all kinds of meetings, BBS shallum, social, cultural and academic exchanges, art appreciation and high-tech intelligent interactive entertainment experience of one of the landmark hotel.

Location: No.307, Minzu Road, Donghu High-tech Zone, Wuhan, China.