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Our DNS / IPv6 training courses

Our experts run DNS and IPv6 training courses to help you master and secure these vital resources within your information system. The goal: meet your needs and help you achieve operational excellence.

Are you a domain name professional, system or network administrator, CIO or deputy CIO? 

As a .fr registrar for over 20 years and a technical registry operator, we bring you the state of the art of the latest technical knowledge in the field of DNS and registry services. Thanks to our training, become autonomous on two essential naming and addressing infrastructures.

Our trainers are based on concrete and practical cases of DNS and IPv6 service infrastructure optimization.

Training sessions can take place face-to-face, at our premises or that of a partner, within your company or remotely.

Our modules are à la carte, according to your expectations, to best meet your problems and challenges.

Our QUALIOPI® certification is being finalized.

The basics of the DNS and the domain name industry

2 days | Target audience: Professionals and future professionals in the domain name industry

The DNS – Domain Name System – is a distributed database that converts domain names to IP addresses and other technical information. Discover the issues, functioning, actors and main operations associated with the domain name business.

Securing your DNS infrastructure with DNSSEC

2 days | Target audience: All professionals in the domain name industry

Implementing DNSSEC enables you to secure your DNS infrastructure, which is vital to the internet services of any public or private organisation. Learn how to put this technology in place and protect yourself against any problems that might penalise your activities.

Understanding and deploying IPv6

1 day | Target audience: System and network administrators, CIOs and deputy CIOs

As the number of available addresses under the previous protocol version, Ipv4, has been depleted, we are forced to migrate to the new IP version, IPv6. Discover how to master the concepts of IPv6 and organise its operational deployment within your structure.